Charms Office

You/Your student has an account on Charms so that you can keep track of the following:


Student Information (email, shirt size, contact, etc.)

Finances (band fees, fundraising, etc.

Volunteering Opportunities

Sheet Music

Recording Studio for Pass-Offs

& much more!

How to Log In!

  1. Charms works from any computer ( or mobile device ("Charms Blue" App).

  2. Login as a student/parent.

  3. Enter the school code:  bozemanband

  4. Enter student password:  

    1. First Time Log-Ins:  First 3 letters of first and last name (ex. Brandon Poiroux = brapoi or Brapoi)

    2. It will then prompt you to change your password.  Use it from now on.

Charms Pass-Off Recording Studio

You Can Record From Home, Grandma’s, School, or Aruba!

  1. Log into the App or

  2. Click the recording Studio icon.

  3. A tuner is built-in to the studio. Check the box to activate or deactivate the tuner.

  4. Just click Record! (red button) Save when finished & name the file.

  5. Once uploaded, their recordings will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the name to listen to what you just recorded.  Click the X to delete it and start over. Click the floppy disk icon (anyone still have any of those?!?) to save the file.

  6. The file is immediately available to Mr. Poiroux/Mr. Rich without needing to email.

  7. The status dot will show red or green. Red means the recording hasn’t been graded yet, green shows it was graded. The grade and comments will appear next to the file.

Deane Bozeman School

13410 Highway 77

 Panama City, FL 32409

(850) 767-1300